2 Compromises to Avoid when Buying a North Oaks Home

Posted by Kris Lindahl on Friday, April 3rd, 2015 at 8:58am.

Compromise is good, right? Meeting in the middle -- each side making concessions -- helps avoid disputes and keeps us civilized. This is never truer than when a couple is buying a house.

 Some items, however, shouldn’t be compromised and there are ways to avoid having to give these up in your efforts to find the perfect home for two people who may have vastly different ideas of what “perfection” is.

 Keep Emotions in Check

Sure, the master suite screams “Relax in me!” but even the state-of-the-art steam shower won’t soothe your aching psyche when the neighbor’s pocket pooch barks nearly all day and night.

 Falling in love with certain aspects of a home is easy, from yummy wall colors to the perfect garage, but it’s a love that will eventually wear thin if you ignore your priorities.

When you find yourself willing to compromise on items you have told yourself you can’t live without for something that is appealing to your emotions, pull out your wish list. Read it over to ensure that the number one item on the list is something you’re willing to do without to accommodate this new item.

If the home with the to-die-for master suite also has most of the items on your wish list you may have just found the home of your dreams. If not, you may be letting emotions rule and the compromise you make will most likely come back to haunt you after you move in.


It’s easy to fix ugly carpet, putrid wall colors and even landscaping. One of the things you will never be able to “fix,” however, is the home’s location, so it’s important to get clear on where you want to live and avoid compromising on this aspect.

Busy streets don’t suddenly turn quiet and a home without a view won’t spontaneously sprout one.

If the location of the house is challenging to your lifestyle or doesn’t suit your family situation now, pass on it.

The best way to avoid making unwise compromises is with a wish list itemizing those aspects of a home each family member wants. Whittle down the list by determining the “must haves” and the items each is willing to compromise on. Carry it with you to refer to when searching for your ideal North Oaks home.

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