November 2015

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The latest North Oaks real estate market statistics were published this morning so we’ll be posting an update next week but the one number that homeowners are most interested in is the median sales price of a North Oaks home. This month, it’s $730,000. Now this is a decrease from this time last year when the median sales price sat at $826,778 but it’s an increase in the year-to-date price of $692,844.

So, what if you long to buy a house in North Oaks but there’s no way you can afford something in the $700,000 range? Well, it’ll be tough, but not impossible to find a home for less than that. In fact, right now there are three homes on the North Oaks real estate market priced less than the median sales price, but one of them just barely squeaked

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It’s Veteran’s Day 2015  – a time to honor the men, women and canine soldiers who’ve served this country in the U.S. military.

First, some history

The holiday, although under different names, has been with us since 1919. At that time, it was a day set aside to acknowledge the sacrifice of those who died in combat. In 1945, however, Raymond Weeks of Alabama convinced Eisenhower that our living heroes needed to be celebrated as well.

When I think of the sacrifices these heroes make to benefit me and my family – they don’t even know us ― I’m amazed at how very noble these acts are. I mean, can you image quieting that voice inside that warns us to run like you-know-what from a dangerous situation and, instead, run right INTO the chaos? THAT takes

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Here we are, four days into November with only a bit more than three weeks until Thanksgiving. Are you in the mood yet? If not, consider having a movie night at home in Duluth and we have the movie list that just might do the trick.

 “Home for the Holidays

   This 1995 release, directed by Jodie Foster, revolves around the squabbling family meme we talked about on this month’s front page. The amazing cast includes Holly Hunter, Robert Downey Jr., Anne Bancroft, Charles Durning, Dylan McDermott, Geraldine Chaplin, Steve Guttenberg, Claire Danes and David Strathairn. USA Today praised the film upon its release, summing it up as “They come, they eat, they argue, they leave. It's the stuffing in-between that makes it special." Rated PG-13.


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