Cheap and Easy Autumn Decorating Ideas

Posted by Kris Lindahl on Wednesday, September 9th, 2015 at 12:46pm.

Fall is almost upon us (two weeks from today) and that means tons of company for many of us. Rather than dig out the same old same old when it comes to decorations, take a tip from the pros and create new fall accents for the home.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Those cute little mini-pumpkins that fill the bins at the supermarket every fall ― ever wonder what you can do with them? Southern Living magazine has a great idea; hollow them out and then fill each one with a votive candle.
  • Another attractive use for these cuties is to fill a tall, glass candle holder with them. The white ones are especially attractive here.
  • Create a pumpkin patch on your porch. Stack hay bales on either side of the front door to act as pumpkin holders, line the steps with gourds and more pumpkins. Use various shades of the autumn staple to add more interest.
  • No pumpkins for the porch? A fall flower display might be just what you’re looking for. Fill terra cotta pots with autumn’s hottest colors such as orange snapdragons and yellow violas. Throw in some purple, such as loralpetalum (‘Purple Pixie’) for contrast.
  • Create a simple yet elegant centerpiece by filling a crystal vase with sprigs of autumn leaves from the garden.
  • Create a garland for the fireplace mantel by stringing fall-colored leaves together with a needle and string.
  • For rustic glam, decorate a white pumpkin with a gold-glitter monogram. Check out how it’s done at

Autumn décor inspiration is everywhere, both online ( and off. Take a trip to Michael’s Crafts in Roseville (2100 N Snelling Ave) and stroll the aisles full of fall colored-dried and silk flowers and plants. Visit Pinterest boards that feature autumn décor, such as this one and these.



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