Home Tip: Quickly Removing Pet Hair from Your Furniture

Posted by Kris Lindahl on Thursday, April 30th, 2015 at 9:12am.

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Having pets is a really great addition to any family. Pets are typically great coddler’s but the problem with this is all of the shedding that happens. We want our dogs and cats to enjoy the sofa with us but their hair is shedding everywhere.

When you want to have pets, cuddle them and allow them on the furniture despite all of the shedding, follow these few tips to remove hair from furniture quickly so that it doesn’t bother the rest of the family, guests and cause any allergies to flare up.

What to do about pet hair on furniture

If you have leather sofas, this makes maintaining shedding pet hair a breeze. On any other couch, pet hair clings like a squirrel to a nut. Leather furniture is more expensive and less common in homes, so for those that have other types of sofas with pet hair all over it, there are a few ways to control the problem.

Try brushing a damp rubber glove over your cushion. It will come off very easily and quickly for a fast solution. Run your hand with the dampened rubber gloves over the surface to attract the hair and then just rinse the glove that’s covered in hair. If you don’t have rubber gloves, try a wet sponge instead and either way, repeat as needed until the hair is gone.

Another route is a mixture of fabric softener and water onto your furniture. By spraying your upholstered furniture with this mixture, you can easily wipe it off and rid it of pet hair. For wooden furniture, you just need to use a soft cloth with furniture polish and anti-static dusting spray.  The spray uses electric charge to make removal easier and decrease the chances of hair sticking on it again.

Pet Hair on Carpet

When you have an issue of pet hair on carpet, a squeegee will do the trick. Be sure to vacuum carpet twice over areas with pet hair, going alternate directions to loosen stubborn hairs. Another route is to scrape a pumice stone along the surface and the hair should gather right up.

Use these tips to get rid of pet hair from furniture and floors, perfect for right before guests come to your home.

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