Home Tip: Reducing Humidity in your Home

Posted by Kris Lindahl on Tuesday, June 9th, 2015 at 10:54am.


With the summer weather here, humidity is starting to become a problem for many. When it starts affecting your home, it can be really uncomfortable and cause some issues. How do you reduce humidity in your home? When water vapor in warm air contacts a cold surface, condensation occurs which could indicate your windows have a tight seal that isn’t allowing moist air from inside to escape. While you need to maintain a tight, energy efficient seal, how else can you minimize the condensation? Here are a few tips to reduce your home’s humidity.

Appliances & Attic

The first place to start is to vent all of your home’s gas appliances, exhaust fans outside and clothing dryers to the outside. Start using an exhaust fan in the laundry room or try an attic fan. You could also give your dryer a break and hang your clothes to dry outside, or even vent the dryer outside. Next, you shouldventilate your attic & crawl space. Your crawl space should be covered with a good vapor barrier.


The hot water from showering will cause condensation. Run the exhaust fan to keep the bathroom dryer during and after the shower. Once the mirror is clear, you are probably safe to turn off the fan. You can also try taking shorter shower or colder showers.

Kitchen & Living Space

Make sure you are running the exhaust fan in the kitchen when you’re cooking. It will help to eliminate extra moisture and your oven and stove-top cooking are producing more moisture. If you have plants in your home, move them outside temporary or in one room since they release moisture. Try a dehumidifier and consider eliminating carpet in your home since it retains moisture.


For those with a forced air furnace, make sure you’ve properly ventilated your home by talking to a heating and air specialist for guidance.

When you reduce the humidity in your home, you start to feel better physically and mentally while saving money from utility costs. Try these tips to lower the current humidity level if your home has an issue with it.

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