The Amazing Lakes in the City of North Oaks

Posted by Kris Lindahl on Friday, February 27th, 2015 at 8:46am.

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The City of North Oaks is found just to the north of St. Paul and provides plenty of lakes. With six total lakes and three large ponds, those enjoying time on the water and around the water will enjoy living within the city. Here's a look at the many lakes and ponds found in this area.

Pleasant Lake

This lake covers more than 580 acres of space with a maximum depth of 58 feet. You can see the bottom in areas five feet deep and shallower. The lake includes a private beach in the 7-acre park for North Oaks residents and their guests. The beach is equipped with a lifeguard on duty from early June through August.

The swimming beach features a dock and a raft, along with picnic tables, grills, a shuffle board course, a boat landing, canoe storage and more. Reservations can be made for parties of 20 or more through the North Oaks Homeowners Association.

The beach includes a few beach fun days throughout the summer, which are geared toward children from age five to 12. One beach fun day is held each month in the summer with the August beach fun day as a Family Fun Day.

Pleasant Lake is the main lake and the largest lake. However, you cannot use a motorized boat on this lake or any other lake in North Oaks. Some lakes allow fishing, while others don't.

Other lakes found in North Oaks include:

  • Gilfillan Lake - Covers 110-acres with a maximum depth of 9 feet. This lake allows fishing and has largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, rainbow trout and catfish.
  • Charley Lake - A smaller lake covering 33-acres, this lake has a maximum depth of 21 feet.
  • Deep Lake - Found just outside North Oaks, Deep Lake provides fishing for a number of different types of fish.
  • Black Lake - Another lake found just outside North Oaks, you can enjoy all types of fishing on Black Lake.

Along with these lakes, Sucker Lake is found less than two miles from North Oaks and many other lakes are less than 15 miles from the city.

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